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Here are a few things you should know about Statia to help you enjoy your vacation! Click on a link below to find out more about a specific topic on Statia.

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Statia's airport is FD Roosevelt (EUX), located 1km (0.6 miles) from Oranjestad
Telephone: (+599) 318-2887. Taxis and rental cars are available on-site.


The Sint Eustatius Center for Archaeological Research (S.E.C.A.R.) was formed as a non-profit research group under the St. Eustatius Historical Foundation on Statia in 2000. S.E.C.A.R. provides a permanent archaeological presence on St. Eustatius with the goal of protecting and developing the historical resources located on the island in full cooperation with local residents .


First Caribbean International Bank is open Mondays to Fridays from 08.30 hrs -15.30 hrs. The Post Office Bank, Post Spaarbank opens Mondays to Fridays from 07.30 - 16.00 hrs. The Windward Island Bank is open Mondays to Fridays from 08.00 hrs - 15.30 hrs non-stop.

Business Services

Offices and stores are usually open from 08.00 hours until 18.00 hrs. Supermarkets are open at 07.30 hours and usually remain open until 19.00 hrs.

Carnival - Summer Fest

Click here for more information on Statia's Carnival/Summer Fest

Car Rental

With a valid foreign, or international driving licence, you are allowed to drive a car on Statia. You can choose from at least thirteen rental companies. For information inquire at your hotel or the Tourist Information Stand at the Airport.

ARC Car Rental
Tel: (+599) 318-2595
Fax: (+599) 318-2594

Brown's Car Rental
Tel: (+599) 318-2266
Fax: (+599) 318-2454

Heidi’s Rentals
$50,- per day
All taxes and insurance are inclusive
Package deals are available as well.
Tel: 586-1855 or 553-3985


Hendrickson Car Rental
Tel: (+599) 318-1442/1114/2384
Fax: (+599) 318-2692

Jif Car Rental
Tel: (+599) 318-1135

LNP Bike and Scooter Rental
Tel: (+599) 318-1476

Rainbow Car Rental
Tel: (+599) 318-2811
Fax: (+599) 318-2586

Reddy Car Rental
An independent Car Rental Company.
We offer competitive prices & great service to the community and visitors to our beautiful Island. Our fleet consist of 9 cars. Chevrolet Aveo - Hyundai i10 - Hyundai Matrix and Daihatsu Sirion. Get in touch to make a reservation. Reddy Car Rental: Always the right choice!
Tel: (+599) 318-5564/0091

Rainbow Car Rental
Tel: (+599) 318-2811
Fax: (+599) 318- 2586

Rivers Car Rental
Tel: (+599) 318-2309
Fax: (+599) 318-2566

Schmidt Car Rental
Tel/Fax: (+599) 318-2788

Walter's Car Rental
Tel/Fax: (+599) 318-2719

Children on Vacation

Statians love children and make great baby sitters. Inquire at your hotel or guesthouse. Beware of sunburn. Most skin cancer in later life is the result of damage during childhood. Cream up as often as possible, especially after a swim. Activities; nature hikes, walking tour and snorkelling.


Generally dry and sunny. Light constant northeast trade winds bring constant cool breezes and sufficient moisture to keep the average daytime temperature down to about 27 degrees Celsius. The average night temperature drops to a comfortable 23 degrees. Rainfall occurs in showers of medium duration during the months of April, June and September. Check the current weather forecast.


You can get in touch with the entire world from this tiny dot in the Caribbean. Statia enjoys an up-to-date communication system. Information - Telephone: (+599) 318-2210.
The local telephone company is the St. Eustatius Telephone Company N.V.
Colourful CaribTel calling cards are for sale starting at NAF 18 or $US10. Cards can be bought at the Post Office at Fiscal Road and can be used in most public telephones on the island.

To call Statia from the U.S. or Canada, dial 011 (the international access code), then 599 (the country code for the Netherlands Antilles), and finally 318 (the area code for Statia) and the 4-digit local number. Internet access is also available on the island.

Credit Cards

Most major credit cards are accepted. If you are in any doubt, do check before you commit yourself.


United States dollar.

Departure Fees

Everyone leaving Statia has to pay a departure tax of US $15.


St. Eustatius has always recognized its nature and marine life is one of its most valuable assets. The St. Eustatius National Parks Foundation, known locally as Stenapa is managing many ecotourism initiatives.

Stenapa is a dedicated environmental organization developed to protect the marine and land environment as well as endangered species.


The education system is European and more specifically, Dutch. General Instruction is given in the Dutch language. English and Spanish are also taught in the schools. The range of educational facilities include primary, elementary, secondary and vocational. Scholarships, loans and grants are available for further study in the Netherlands, the United States, Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean.


The voltage is 110 A.C. 60 cycles. 220 voltage A.C. will not work without a transformer. Plugs tend to be two flat prongs. Please conserve energy.

Emergency Numbers

emergency numbers are as follows:
Police 911 - Fire Department 912 - Hospital 913

Entry Requirements

A valid passport is the entry requirement for visitors to St. Eustatius including USA and Canadian citizens. Birth Certificates and drivers licenses are no longer accepted.

Citizens of most countries in the world do not need a visa for their entry to St. Eustatius. However visitors from the following countries are required to have a visa for stays of up to 3 months (90 days) in the Netherlands Antilles:

Afghanistan Fiji Rwanda
Albania Gabon Salomon Islands
Algeria Gambia Sao Tome and Principal
Angola Georgia Saudi-Arabia
Armenia Ghana Seychelles
Azerbeidzjan Guinea Senegal
Bahrain Guinea-Bissau Serbia and Montenegro
Bangladesh Haiti Sierra Leone
Belarus India Soedan
Benin Indonesia Somalia
Bhutan Iraq Sri Lanka
Bosnia Iran Swaziland
Botswana Jemen Syria
Burkina Faso Jordan Tadzjikistan
Burundi Kazakhstan Taiwan
Cambodia Kenya Tanzania
Cameroen Kirgizia Thailand
Cape Verdia Kiribati Turkmenistan
Central African Rep. Kuwait Togo
China (except for Laos Tonga
Hong Kong SAR and Lesotho Tsjaad
BNO holders) Libanon Tunesia
Colombia Liberia Turkey
Comores Libia Tuvalu
Congo-Brazzaville Macedonia United Arab Emirates
Congo-Democrat Rep. Madagascar Vanuatu
Cote d'Iviore Malawi Vietnam
Cuba Maldives West-Samao
Dominican Rep. Mali Yugoslavia
Djibouti Morocco Zambia
Egypt Peru Zimbabwe
Equatorial Guinea Philippines South Africa
Eritrea Qatar  
Ethiopia Russian Federation  

Events Calendar
Events Calendar

Click here for a full list of yearly events and activities


Carnival is the main event of the year and takes place for ten days usually starting in July until early August. It is very similar to other Caribbean carnivals with a Pyjama Jump-up in the early morning and Carnival Queen and Calypso Competition culminating in the burning of King Momo, the spirit of the carnival.


New Year, January 1, begins with fireworks at midnight.
March - Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday,
Queen's Day on April 30.
Ascension Day
May 1 - Labour Day
October 21 - Antillean Day
November 16 is Statia-America Day, commemorating the year 1776, when Statia became the first foreign nation to recognize the Union Flag and America's Independence.
December 25, Christmas Day
December 26, Boxing Day.

Hotel Service Charge

There is a 7% service charge on room rates. At hotels, the service charge on food and beverage is 15% in lieu of gratuities.

Hyperbaric Medicine Programs

There are two decompression chambers on Statia for the convenience of divers.

Supplementing its medical doctoral program, the University of St. Eustatius offers training leading to technical certification, a Diploma, or a Master's Degree in Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine. e-mail:

Immigration Opening Hours

Office hours are 8am to 8pm standard weekly and weekends.

Internet Access

Public access to the internet is available from the Public Library in Oranjestad and at Computers & More (Telephone: 599-318-2596; e-mail:


Statians have a love for different cultures and speak several languages, including English, Dutch and Spanish. Dutch is the official language used in government administration and schools. English is spoken everywhere. You can be assured, whatever language you may speak, Statians will find a way to communicate with you!


St. Eustatius, affectionately called Statia, is approximately 5 miles/8 km long and 2 miles/3.2 km wide, covering a total of 11.8 square miles or approximately 30.6 square kilometres. The island has a population of 3183 as of September 2006 and is located in the north eastern Caribbean. It is 150 miles / 240 km east of Puerto Rico (latitude 17.00, longitude 63.04), 90 miles / 144 km east of St. Croix, 38 miles / 60.8 km south of St. Maarten and 17 miles / 27.2 km southeast of Saba.

Statia is only a few hours by air from major USA cities and a mere 15 minutes flying time from St. Maarten. Together with sister islands Saba and St. Maarten, Statia forms the Windward Islands of the Dutch Caribbean.

Medical School

The island has an ECFMG-accredited medical school leading to an M.D. degree for people interested in practicing medicine in the U.S.
University of St. Eustatius
School of Medicine
P.O. Box 429
Westminster, MA
Statia Office:
Tel: (+599) 3182600
Fax: (+599) 3182088.
U.S. Office:
Tel: (toll free): 001-877-USTATIA
Fax: 001-978-632-9977

Email: Email:

Medical services

The island has an excellent standard of health care at the Queen Beatrix Hospital with two doctors on 24-hour call. Tel: (+599) 3182211.


Statia's population is 3183 as per September 2006 and is made up mainly from people of black African descent with a pleasant nature and a zeal for work.

The first inhabitants of Statia were the Saladoids, who arrived in great sea-going canoes from South America before the end of the 15th century. In the 1600's, slaves of African descent were brought to the island to cultivate the land, which had more than seventy plantations. At the end of the 18th century, slavery had been outlawed in the Dutch Antilles. Today, people of more than 20 nationalities live in harmony on this peaceful Dutch Caribbean Island.

Postal Services

Statia has an efficient postal service and the main post office is located on Fiscal Road. Opening hours weekdays 07.30 hours until 16.00 hours. Tel: (+599) 3182678.

Airmail to Europe takes four to six days, surface mail four to six weeks.

Rainy Days

We are sorry, but we do need rain sometimes to keep everything fresh and green. If it rains, divings always possible or why not go to the St. Eustatius Historical Foundation Museum, watch TV, read a book, write your postcards or just use your imagination!

Religious Services

Visitors to Statia are welcome at all houses of worship. The following religions have services on the island: Seventh Day Adventist, Methodist, Roman Catholic, Jehovah Witnesses, Bahai Faith, Baptist, Anglican, Apostolic Faith, Pentecostal and World of Faith Ministry.


Opening days and hours of our gift shops, bakeries and supermarkets.
Shop Name Opening Hours
Mazinga Gift Shop Monday - Friday: 8:00 hours until 17:30 hours.
>Historical Foundation Gift Shop Monday - Saturday: 9:00 hours until 12:00 hours.
Happy City Supermarket Monday - Saturday: 8:00 hours until 21:00 hours.
Sunday: 8:00 hours until 14:00 hours.
Chong (Son Yen) Supermarket Monday - Saturday: 8:00 hours until 21:00 hours.
Sunday: 9:00 hours until 14:00 hours.
People Choice Supermarket Monday - Thursday: 8:00 hours until 20:00.
Friday: 8:00 hours until 18:30 hours.
Saturday: Sunset until 21:00.
Sunday: 9:00 hours until 13:00
Lady Ama's Supermarket Monday - Thursday: 9:00 hours until 20:00 hours.
Friday: 9:00 hours until 19:00 hours.
Saturday: 18:00 hours until 21:00 hours
Sunday: 9:00 hours until 15:00 hours
Peso Supermarket Monday - Thursday 7:30 hours until 20:30 hours.
Friday 7:30 hours until sunset.
Saturday 18:30 hours until 21:30 hours.
Sunday: 9:00 hours until 15.00 hours.
Schmidt's Enterprises Monday - Friday: 8:00 hours until 21:30 hours. Saturday: 8.00 hours until 13.30 hourimages 18:00 hours until 21:30 hours.
Sunday: 8:00 hours until 16:00 hours.
Bakery Sandbox Monday - Saturday:6:00 hours until 12:00 hourimages 17:00 hours until 21:00 hours.


Taxi information is available at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Airport. Taxis do not have meters. Rates are fixed and should be checked before ride.
Taxi Company Contact Details
Rosie Lopes (+599) 318 2444
I. Lijfrock (+599) 318 2830 or (+599) 318 5055
Celebrity (+599) 318 1924

Telephone Directory

The St. Eustatius telephone company (EU-TEL) provides a on-line telephone directory.
Click here
to access it.


Click here to see what others have said about Statia!


Atlantic standard time. Same as Eastern daylight saving time, all year round. (The clock at the top right of each page on this site displays the current time on Statia).

Tour Operators

Click here for a list of operators offering services to St. Eustatius.

Tourist Information

St. Eustatius Tourism Development Foundation
Tel:: (+599) 318 2433

Open Monday until Thursday from 08.00 hours until 12.00 hours and from 13.00 until 17.00. Friday open from 08.00 hours until 12.00 hours and from 13.00 hours until 16.30 hours.

Tourist Information Booth at the airport is open daily, telephone: (+599) 3182620.

Harbour Office, telephone: (+599) 3182205.

Visa Requirements

See entry requirements.

Walking Tour

The best way to learn about our island is to walk through it. The St. Eustatius Historical Foundation Museum's well-designed walking tour is a worth-while experience. There are also 12 nature hikes of which the Quill, an extinct volcano, is exceptional.


Advisory for visitors: make sure you boil the water before drinking it.


Are you ready for a one-of-a-kind experience? And would you prefer a unique destination for your marriage? If that's the case, make sure you explore wonderful St. Eustatius. The island offers the right atmosphere for a unique wedding. Click here to find out everything you need to know about getting married on the Golden Rock!

What to Wear

For the most part, casual informal summer wear is the rule in Statia. Women may wish to take along a headscarf or hat. Casual elegant clothing is advisable for a night out in one of the island's intimate restaurants.

When to Visit Statia

Many visitors come to enjoy the island's mild temperature and to escape the cold between mid-December and mid-April (high Season). You will, however, discover that this excellent weather prevails throughout the year.

Check the current weather forecast.

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Visa Requirements

There are two decompression chambers
on Statia for the
convenience of divers.