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Statia offers a variety of restaurants to suit every taste and budget.

Blue Bead Bar & Restaurant
Located at Gallows Bay on the Lower Town. Specialised in Italian and French cuisine.
Tel: +599-318-2873
Open: 12:00pm - Close: 14:00pm
Re-open: 18:00 - Close: 21:00
Wheelchair accessible: YES

Chinese Restaurant
Located on H.M. Queen Beatrixstraat. Serving an excellent variety of Chinese dishes.
Tel: +599 318 2389
Open: 11am - Close: 14:45
Re-open: 15:30 - Close: 20:45
Closed Sunday
Wheelchair accessible: NO

Chocolate Restaurant
Located in the heart of Golden Rock District. Serving a wonderful variety of typical local dishes.
Tel: +599 318 5055
Open: 7:30am - Close: 11:30
Open everyday
Wheelchair accessible: YES

Cool Corner Bar & Restaurant
Located in the very heart of town near the First Caribbean International Bank and the St.Eustatius Historical Museum. Specialized in Chinese cuisine
Tel: +599 318 3386
Open: 12:00pm - Close: 23:00
Wheelchair accessible: YES

Fay Bar & Restaurant
Located on Fort Oranjestraat next to Mazinga Gift shop serving a variety of Chinese dishes. Open 7 days per week.
Tel: +599 318 2929
Open: 11:00am - Close: 12:00am
Closed at 2:00am weekends
Wheelchair accessible: YES

Franky's Place
Located opposite the Methodist Church. Frankies place offers local dishes.
Tel: +599 318 4948
Open: 11:00am - Close: 23:00
Closed Wednesday
Wheelchair accessible: YES

Golden Era Hotel

The Golden Era Hotel is situated on the edge of the Caribbean Sea. The restaurant specializes in West Indian, Creole and International cuisine.
Tel: +599 318 2455 or +599 318 2355
Fax: +599 318 2445
Open: 7:00am - Close: 22:30
Open everyday
Wheelchair accessible: YES

Grill House Restaurant (Closed until further notice)
A Chinese Restaurant with a variety of Chinese dishes. Located on road to white wall.
Tel: +599 318 2915

Hong Kong Restaurant

A Chinese Restaurant with a variety of Chinese dishes. Located on road to white wall.
Tel: +599 318 2915
Open: 11:00am - Close: 22:00
Wheelchair accessible: NO

Inkerman Pizza
Located in Golden Rock at the Lord Gene's sport complex.
Tel: +599 318 0036
Open Monday's - Saturday's 18:00 - 21:00
Wheelchair accessible: NO

Ocean View Terrace
Dine quietly on a protected terrace overlooking historic Fort Oranje and glorious sunsets. Located in the courtyard of the Government's Guest House. Serving exquisitely prepared food.
Tel: +599 318 2934
Open: 12:00pm - Close: 13:30
Re-open: 18:30 - Close: 21:00
Wheelchair accessible: YES

Olde Towne Pizzeria
Located on the road to the Catholic Church. Van Tonningen weg
Tel: +599 318 3131
Open: 18:00 - Close: 22:00
Closed Friday
Open Saturday 18:30 to 22:00
Wheelchair accessible: NO

Old Gin House
Lower Town
Remember you are dining in an old 18 century Cotton Gin Mill.
Tel: +599 318 2319
Open: 7:00am - Close: 21:00
Activities nights may prolong at later hours
Wheelchair accessible: YES

Location: Vincent A Lopes rd z/n Golden Rock
Tel: +599 318 4637
Open Monday to Thursday: 8:00am – 22:00
Open Friday: 8:00am – 18:00
Open Saturday: 18:00 – 22:00
Open Sunday: 9:00am – 18:00
Wheelchair accessible: YES

Sandbox Tree Bakery

Located on the Kerkweg opposite the Dutch Reformed Church. Make your choice of sandwiches and many more delicacies. Special cake orders for weddings or any other special occasion.
Tel: +599 318 2404

Sip & Zip spanner corner
Located on the Heiligerweg
Tel: +599 318 1605
Open Weekends only Fridays to Sundays from 12:00pm until
Wheelchair accessible: NO

Located on the main street. Skell offers innovative burgers, sandwiches, shakes, ice cream and daily specials. Local breakfast and local hot dishes from 11:30 am - 2:00 pm.
Tel: +599 318 2412
Open: 8:00am - Close: 15:00
Closing time is expected to change in July
Wheelchair accessible: YES

Tropical Fruit Tree
Located on H.M. Queen Beatrixstraat. Serving a variety of Dominican dishes and pizzas.
Tel: +599 318 3001
Open: 9:00am - Close: 21:00
Wheelchair accessible: YES

Willy's Bar & Restaurant
Located on the Heiligerweg. Serves a variety of Spanish dishes and local food.
Tel: +599 318 0122 or +599 318 5749.
Open: 11:00am - Close: 21:00
Wheelchair accessible: NO

Yummy Tummy
Located on the Paramiraweg. Serves sandwiches and different styles of Chinese dishes, tasty and generous portions.
Tel: +599 318 2212
Open: 11:00am - Close: 12:00pm
Open everyday
Wheelchair accessible: YES

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